We had 7 wrestlers take on the Gladiator Holiday Tournament and everyone came ready to compete!  Highlights included incredible courage from our little guys Jackson and Weston, a huge 5 point move from Natalia to win her first match, Braden finding his groove to pin two guys, and some last second near-fall point for Harrison to take the gold medal.

  • 1st Place – William Accorsi and Harrison Accorsi
  • 2nd Place – Braden Joyal
  • 3rd Place – Natalia Accorsi

Seven Spartans took the mat today for the last beginner tournament of the season. Sam, Weston, and Ronin earned their first victories of the season!

1st – Danny Rood

2nd – Jackson Danby, Weston Cass, Aeton Fernandez, Ronin Jeffery

3rd – Sam Zabik

Bray and Emry Callahan made the trek out to Newburgh, NY to compete with some of the best wrestlers in the northeast this weekend.  After many hard fought matches they both came home successful.  With a 3-1 record Bray got on the podium for a well deserved bronze medal.

The Spartans showed up in force at Berlin with 16 wrestlers competing in 19 brackets, and we came to battle. Highlights included Aeton Fernandez’s first win, Ayden Guerra’s first gold medal, a sister rivalry between Maddy and Natalia, and the best wrestling we’ve seen from our team. We came home with 7 gold medals, 14 medals in total, and a day we will not soon forget.

1st – Ayden Guerra, Will Accorsi x2, Harry Accorsi, Connor Levin, Maddy Accorsi x2
2nd – Natalia Accorsi x2, Ryan Nero, Ava Zuccalo
3rd – Aeton Fernandez, Grant Smith, Logan Wolf

Bray, Will, Harry, Natalia, Maddy, and Ayden battled in Southington and all came away with some well earned victories. Highlights included a redemption win for Maddy and Natalia’s first gold of the season!

1st – Will Accorsi, Harry Accorsi, Natalia Accorsi, Bray Callahan (x2)

2nd – Ayden Guerra & Maddy Accorsi

Nine Spartans took the mat today, many for the first time ever, and showed the true heart of a champion. A special shout out to our new coaches who have stepped up to lead our beginners.

1st – Jackson Danby & Cooper Barrett

3rd – Aiden Hogan, Eddie Depeau, Daniel Rood, Ronin Jeffrey

Ten Spartans took to the mat in Bristol for the last tournament before the holiday break to show the CT wrestling community what’s in store for them in 2018. A special shout out to Sam Zabik for entering his first regular season tournament!

1st – Bray Callahan & Emry Callahan

2nd – Madeline Accorsi, William Accorsi, Harrison Accorsi

3rd – Ayden Caron & Natalia Accorsi

We had 10 Spartans make the trek down to New Milford for the first official tournament of the season. The competition was tough and we battled hard to bring home some hardware!

1st – Will Accorsi & Bray Callahan

2nd – Emry Callahan

3rd – Ryan Nero & Harry Accorsi